OS Holding: The Best House Renovations in Dublin

Are you considering relocating but are concerned about the cost? Instead, have you considered a house renovation to create the home you desire? With the average Dublin terrace costing just under €700,000, stamp duty alone will cost you a hefty €25,000. If your home is valued roughly €1.5 million, you’ll have to pay nearly €90,000 in stamp duty. That’s before you factor in all the other costs of moving.

A well-planned house renovation may expand your living space, boost the value of your property, and create something completely unique. That is why astute Dublin are opting to invest in remodeling and upgrading their houses, transforming them into the living spaces of their dreams. You may also save money on your property’s operating costs by using smart technologies. What’s not to appreciate about that?

You can’t do better than us to oversee and deliver your house renovation project in Dublin as an experienced, quality specialist in house renovation. We provide a one-of-a-kind, 360-degree, hassle-free, and completely transparent service that delivers your high-end goods at an affordable price.


From the start, our skilled, fully integrated house renovation team brings their extensive knowledge base to work cooperatively on your house renovation project. You can count on high-quality architectural designs.

  • Your house renovation will be overseen by an in-house structural engineer.
  • Expertise in a variety of fields enables cost-effective and optimized design
  • Cost breakdown in detail
  • From the start, you’ll get a guaranteed, fixed-price quote — no surprises or spiraling prices!
  • Appropriate planning application (if required) from Dublin-based professionals with experience in house renovation
  • On-time delivery and resource optimization are the hallmarks of expert project management
  • All work was conducted in accordance with British standards
  • osholding.ie carries public liability insurance as well as an all-risks policy to safeguard you and our contractors. All structural work comes with a 15-year warranty
  • A fully integrated house renovation team that collaborates closely
  • Full transparency – examine milestones and percentages of work completed, as well as monitor cashflow, by following the on-site development of your project online via videos and images that are updated each week
  • A high-end product at a reasonable cost


  • Creative concept design by an in-house structural engineer who is actively involved in all technical areas of your house renovation design
  • Architectural drawings of the highest quality
  • Planning permission that isn’t a pain (if applicable)
  • All of your building registrations have been completed for you


  • In Dublin, the most dependable house renovation contractor
  • Your project will be overseen by structural experts
  • At every stage, only the best hands are used


The importance of professional project management cannot be overstated. Your house renovation project will be managed by a dedicated and experienced project manager who will be your primary point of contact throughout the process. He will be in charge of every part of your project, from design and scheduling to overseeing the construction. You’ll be able to meet him on site and connect with him online on a frequent basis. You may rest assured that you will have: An expert who is always proactive in completing chores to oversee your house renovation project.

  • Effective time management ensures that all aspects of your project are completed on time
  • Finance management that ensures you get the finest service possible
  • In place are appropriate health and safety protocols


Stay in control and keep an eye on your project online:

  • Videos and images of the development of your house renovation project are updated weekly, so you can keep track of what’s going on on the ground
  • View milestones as well as the proportion of work that has been completed
  • Keep an eye on your cash flow